Fairy Tales Do Come True

My Students
Our students are energetic, enthusiastic and love to read. They are in the library media center at least once a week. Normally, I read to the younger students in a story area. Many have never read fairy tales and folks tales. Some may have seen the movies! I would like to expose more students to these books. Ours have grown very ragged over the years. It is so important that these students can hear and see and check out these classics.
My Project
Many of our students have little or no knowledge of classic fairy tales. We all grew up knowing Cinderella, Three Billy Goats Gruff and other..."lived happily ever after" tales. Fairy Tales and fables have seen a resurgence in the newer "Shrek" type movies and we are trying to incorporate these in our lessons as well.  The books chosen will help our students to understand and analyze the many teachable scenarios involved in the stories. This will also provide them with an appreciation of the books that we grew up with and loved. Fairy tales and folk tales are very flexible tools for our teaching.
Please review my Donors Choose project by clicking this link, Fairy Tales. 
Thank You,
Mrs Trombly
Grades PreK-5